Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From today's Miscreant Bouillabaisse on . . .
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"Elsewhere in the world of blatant larceny:  Theft.  A man left Sam's Auto Parts after paying for two tires, but not the 16-inch rims and hub caps the tires were mounted on.  The man put the items in his vehicle and fled.  He was later contacted by police and told that he would be charged with theft.  He responded by saying that he didn't care."

Lileks goes on to say . . . "How old was the thief, five?"
Oh yes. Ooooohhhhh yes.

Can't you just feel the powerful waves of "Authority" emanating from my person? Don't I exude a blaze-orange confidence as I stand five floors down from my office, texting subtly? I told you that being a Floorden is awesome! and now you have proof. Solid proof.