Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here's how I spent my Saturday.

"On top of Mt. Wiiiiiiillllsssson, All Covered with Antennaaaaaae!"

The fellow in the photo isn't me. It's Ted Beam, of Thornbeam fame.

For the complete set of completely awesome photos, go here.

Prepare to be perplexed into wonderment!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I just got a phone call a moment ago from Wells Fargo informing me that since I'm a valued customer of theirs, I can try out million dollar life insurance FREE for 60 days. If I'm not completely satisfied, I can cancel within those 60 days and I owe nothing.

Wow. Free!!


That's . . . um . . . great. How does one "try out" life insurance for sixty days, exactly?

I guess there are several different options, really:

1.) I can die and be completely unhappy with the million dollars and then cancel.
2.) I can feel a general sense of lack of protection (I need TWO million dollars! to be truly comfortable) and then cancel.
3.) I can imagine what it would be like to have to pay the monthly fee, feel unhappy about that fantasy malaise, and then cancel.
4.) I can keep it.

Life insurance doesn't lend itself to a trial membership like a lot of other places. Say . . . Netflix, for instance. I did a trial membership with them and found that I used them so I kept the service. Great!

I don't want to start a trial life insurance membership, find that I will use it, and then . . . .*

Besides, I already have insurance through my company so there's that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heh! heheheheheh! This is easily the strangest oatmeal I've ever come across:

(as seen at the Glendale Whole Foods) I really . . . words really can't describe how yak-tastic this "oatmeal" appears to be. Well, they can but I run a family site and frankly no one came here to read about Ordure du Chien in salamander-skin sauce.

Whole Foods, I expect better of you when you steal my paycheck! And anyway, you owe me after busting my tooth. (which broke again, bye-the-bye . . . this means two more visits to the dentist. Methinks I need a crown.)